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The most important part of buying a new kitchen is the planning. What shape will the new kitchen have, how big is the family that will use the kitchen and how often will the kitchen be used.

There's more to new kitchens than cupboards and doors. There's space; The kitchens the place where everything happens – it's the beating heart of the home. Kitchen Makeovers Lancs in Preston design our kitchens for people who love the very best things in life and whose kitchens are central to their lives.

Different people have different lifestyles and since the kitchen is the centre in the house in which the food to live will be prepared, lifestyle is the key to planning a new kitchen that works for you. It is obvious that a single person or a couple will have different expectations from their new kitchen than families with growing up children. For example, if you're a single person that eats out a lot, your kitchen will look completely different from a family that takes their evening meals together. Kitchen Makeovers Lancs in Preston assess your kitchen area accordingly. Kitchen Makeovers Lancs in Preston plan how much storage space you need for your groceries, cutlery and crockery, which equipment you will use (oven, grill, hob and time saving electrical appliances) and how much seating area you need.

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Individual designs for your home complete with realistic photographic impressions and plans

Fitted Bedroom and Home Office Furniture

We offer a complete design and fitting service for both Bedroom and Home Office furniture.
Designing, making and installing all kinds of Bedroom and Home Office furniture.
All units are made from scratch in our workshop by our joiners and fitted on site by our carpenters.

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